Buses are fitted with speed limiters. The bus simply can’t go over a certain speed. We also have our personal limiters and you should recognise yours. Your limiter might be your hobby, your beliefs, your sporting involvement, your parents, or your social inhibitions. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that. It is your preference and your total right to express it, as long as you do just that – express it – firstly to yourself and then to anyone else who has a right to know.

Your business also has its limiters. They may be its location, the product, the staff in place, financial resources or any number of other factors that limit its potential to grow.

The greatest limiter of all is probably shortage of capital. Many people I meet say they are selling or that their business failed due to a lack of capital. Sometimes this is accurate and other times it is not. Some people will never have enough capital, for they will keep spending it on the wrong things, or lose it in some other way. After all, a fool and his money are soon parted. It is probably accurate that the reason many businesses fail to flourish is a lack of capital from the outset, never allocating sufficient funds to marketing, staff, or business development generally.

Your role is to identify the limiters – both personal and business – acknowledge them, overcome those that you can and work with those that you can’t. It’s time to grow your business, to grow it in the real world and not in some fantasy world that can never become reality.

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