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Is your business a “Perfect 10?”

What would it feel like to be a “Perfect 10” in business? Unfortunately less than 1% of business owners will find out. It is important to shift your point of view to fit a buyers one. A buyer wants an attractive business and it is your job to offer it to them. This is the only way to get top price for your business – after all, the customer is king! The buyer reigns supreme! WHAT WOULD A “PERFECT 10” business look like? I can tell you that the business would be:

  1. Profitable
  2. Highly systematised
  3. Easy to operate (few hours per week)
  4. Great equipment
  5. Happy staff
  6. Growing steadily year on year
  7. Easily transferable to a buyer

The biggest tip we can give business owners is to tell them to make themselves less important in the business. That is the foundation of this philosophy. Sounds like a big ask, but guess what – you wont get there if you don’t start doing something about it now. Start looking at your business from a buyer’s point of view, even if you are years out from selling. The buyer is king and you are in total control of how your business looks to a buyer. For the first time ever business owners can try our quick quiz “How ready are you for sale?” In just six minutes you will learn more about your business than you’ve ever known. You will soon know how ready you are for sale.  We will then offer you a free appraisal, personally evaluated and you will have an objective and up-to-date, buyer-ready evaluation of your business. Tony Arena has developed a 200 page manual titled “Maximise the Value of Your Business” It is full of useful information, check lists, templates for the modern business owner wanting to maximise business value.

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