Why can’t you grow your business?

Is this task is beyond you?

Feeling Frustrated?

Do you need help?

With Grow and Sell Your Business you have a program that will show you how to do Grow your Business without spending stacks of money.
How to sell Your Business

Grow And Sell your Business is here to help YOU TO DO JUST THAT

Grow Your Business
I am sure you love your small business but you know with small business there is this thing – it is small. You might look at other business owners and wonder how they got there. You  may not think they you grow to be a successful businessl ike them. Whether you are just starting out or well on the way to building a strong business, the good news of course is that you can.

This is where we can help!

The first thing you have to do is to start believing you can grow a successful business. The next step is to get the right help to “Grow and Sell Your Business“.

Get Your Free Appraisal

When you join our Grow and Sell program you will get a free appraisal from our professional team that will

show you how to identify the strength and weaknesses of your business.

This will get you started and provide the impetus for you to start preparing your business for a profitable sale.

So who are we

Tony Area Creator of Grow and Sell Your Business
Tony Arena is a business broker with nearly 30 years experience in the sale of businesses. In that time he has been involved in over 1,000 transactions and he knows what makes a business successful and what makes a business valuable. Tony in committed to helping people to achieve their potential in business. He wants to make small business BIG.

Tony is dedicated to showing small business how they can become a BIG business. Big businesses have processes. You can too. Big businesses have systems and wonderful brand following. You can too! Big businesses sell for a higher multiple of their profits than smaller businesses. That is what you want, right?

When you start working on a business, you will not only see a tremendous boost in its value but you will also see its profit increase dramatically. And your business will be a happier place to be. Staff will be happier and your family and friends will notice how more relaxed you are knowing that your business is under control and earning you the money you expect. It won’t happen overnight, but small changes over a month or two will start reaping real rewards for you.

What is the Program

If you are prepared to do the work then the Grow and Sell Your Business program will help you set yourself up for life. Your business will be worth more than you ever imagined.

Our Grow and Sell Your Business program will teach you step-by-step how to sysemise and strenghtn your business so that buyers will be fighting each other to buy it. As you go through this program you will understand how a buyer sees your business and you will start to implement things that will TURN ON a buyer.

How to Grow and Sell Your Business
What You get in Grow and Sell Your Business



What you will get

  • Step by Step Video Tutorials Showing You How
  • A proven Comprehensive Business Growth Guide
  • Parallel Workbook where you build your blueprint
  • Resource & Analyses tools
  • Freedom to Work At Your Own Pace
  • A Free Appraisal from our experienced team

What Else Do You Get


You will learn what to do now so that your business looks irresistible to buyers. We want to build a business that is provable and maintainable


It’s not just about the figures – I will show you how to present your business as far as the figures are concerned. What is important? What must you have?


A good business is always up to date. Here you will ensure that you are on top of the latest in technology, software and systems.

Working Capital

Working Capital is how much money a buyer will need to have over and above what they pay you for the business. I will help you to find the right balance here.


These checklists ensure that you cover everything on the way to building your business. Here we include checklists for security, staff, equipment, intellectual property financials, marketing plan, SWOT analysis, business plan and many, many more.

Information Memorandum

When it comes time to sell, a professionally prepared information memorandum is necessary to highlight the key features of your business. I will support you to prepare the basis of your own. This will save you thousands of dollars! Embarking on this program is the start.

The Sale

To get ready for a sale you need start forming your team so that when you are ready to go on the market you can be in charge and dictate terms. We will show you what you need to do to protect yourself during the negotiations and the transaction itself. Makes sense doesn’t it?

Grow & Sell Your Business Customers

I have found Tony Arena’s manual very informative and we use it in our practice to help build business value for our clients. We find the checklists very useful and practical for business proprietors.

Ross Taggart


Tony Arena helped me sell my business and we got a great price. We followed his manual for years and ended up getting up much more than we had ever expected

Geoff Phillips

Flower Factory

I know that everyone benefited from your ideas on just how they can be growing their businesses and your program “Maximise” is a real winner. Come back any time. Our members loved it.

Barbara McCarthy

 Chatswood Chamber of Commerce

Some of your ideas have made us thousands of dollars and our business is now worth enough for us to retire on. Thanks, Tony for your program “Maximise The Value of Your Business”. It has made all the difference.

John & Marie Gilfiland

Alltype Press