Come on – ya gotta get there faster, be rich by 30, retire by 45, have $5 million by age 60. It’s a race – if you don’t beat the other guy he will certainly smash you. Speed up, get ahead – what are you waiting for? Are you in the fast 100? The fastest growing 50?

STOP! Grab a cool drink, sit down (or stand up if you are sitting), walk to somewhere you haven’t been in the past 30 days, close your eyes and clear your mind. Tap (gentle hit) yourself on the right side of your head (right brain therapy) and ask yourself :

“What’s the hurry?”

“What am I racing for?” and finally –

“Am I getting there sooner even though I am going as fast as I can?”

You might have answered to the above questions?

  1. I don’t know
  2. Something
  3. No

If you did, then you might be in the right place.

So why not try another way “the slow way”? Before we get into it let me warn you that what follows may include more meditation than motivation more deliberation than caffeine more greetings than meetups and a whole lot more. The world of slow awaits you…

In this blog over time we will look at Ten Strategies of S-L-O-W. The first one is below…

Strategy One:

Talk to people.

Hang on. Don’t put the article down and give up on me. I know that the second greatest fear in the world is picking up the phone or getting in the car to go and meet someone. That’s because the new world says we can just as easily do it by text, by e-mail, through social media chat or by sending a picture. Don’t try and tell me it’s because email is quicker or you can send more of them. Personal contact looks to be a more threatening way. That’s why we avoid it.

It’s direct vs. indirect means. Indirect is easier and less threatening. We don’t want to stand the indignity of having that person rejecting us, refusing us & telling us we represent the height of arrogance by approaching them.

Luckily, these thoughts are only in our mind. What will no doubt surprise you is the fact that in the mind of the receiver your approach is “Glad you rang” “Good to see you” “Thanks for contacting me” “You’re brave” “I’ve received ten e-mails, 5 texts but only one personal approach.” “What a relief ” Test this out and see if I’m right. Five personal approaches will beat twenty five indirect approaches.

I guarantee this:

“If you take it slower, you will get there faster.. ”

or I will give you your money back. (Conditions apply – you will need to contact me personally to get it).

Keep it s-l-o-w

Tony Arena