Quick Quiz?

When you are running a business and you are not surrounded by others in your office with whom you can discuss your business and receive feedback, you need to have ways of checking how you are going. (Even the big CEOs get a coach to help them through so don’t think you are alone here) This can be in the form of questions you ask yourself and these questions can be both small questions and big questions? It is hard to come up with questions to ask yourself so I will ask you a few.


Some questions:

  1. Why are you in business?
  2. If you were looking to buy a business, would you buy your own? Come on be honest.
  3. If I gave you $100,000 to spend on building your business, what would you spend it on? Not French champagne I hope!
  4. If I paid the salary of the next employee you hired, who would that employee be (Richard Branson might have to be excluded here)
  5. If I asked you to compare your business to an animal what would that animal be?
  6. Who is your business idol and why?
  7. What is the best part about being the owner of your business?
  8. Will your children follow you into your business? Why? Why not?
  9. When your business is sold or closes I am going to build an epitaph. What do you want inscribed on that epitaph?
  10. Are you proud of what you have achieved in your business?

If we have started you thinking, you might want to check out our free ebook on how to Maximise Business Value

If you have five minutes, why not check out our self appraisal  here. If you send us your name on that appraisal (at the end) too we will do an objective appraisal on your business for free.

Of course there are no right or wrong answers in this quiz. The value is in the question, not necessarily the answer. Start thinking.

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